Over the past few months I have done extensive research on quality essential oils to use in my products as well as for my family’s wellness at home. While the oils I was using (and may continue to use for some products) are also quality I feel that the research and extensive planning, sourcing and science behind Young Living’s Essential Oils is reason enough to switch to mostly YL!

There are so many essential oils on the market right now and a lot of them are actually very low quality or diluted proving not to be as powerful of a wellness tool as Young Living has to offer!

History of Gary Young

” Turning a passion into a profession is a dream for many; but for Young Living Founder and father of the modern-day essential oils movement D. Gary Young, it was a vibrant reality. In the late 1980s, Gary discovered the profound power of essential oils. Through Young Living, he was able to share his matchless knowledge with millions around the world, supporting their health and transforming their lives. Gary’s unrivaled expertise on the therapeutic power of plants led to the creation of the world’s largest line of essential oils and blends.

Gary was part inventor and part historian. His pursuit of new wellness discoveries was rooted in ancient practices as he unlocked and shared the benefits bestowed by herbs, plants, and trees. His research took him to the remote corners of the earth, and often back in time, to better understand nature’s powers that modern society may overlook.

In his travels to study essential oil distillation techniques around the world, Gary discovered wide discrepancies in quality. He learned that in order to ensure purity and potency, rigorous, expert analysis of finished oils is critical. With an uncompromising commitment to essential oil science, Gary established the standard now known as Therapeutic Grade™, a standard and a guarantee that Young Living will offer only 100 percent pure, natural, uncut oils that maintain their vital therapeutic potency. 

To produce essential oils of this quality, Gary created the Seed to Seal® process, a philosophy ensuring that from the seeds we plant in pristine soil to the moment we seal our bottles in cutting-edge facilities, our full focus is on providing a final product that represents the best of nature without compromise.

With a deep conviction of the power of essential oils, Gary built Young Living to advocate total well-being for everyone, everywhere. Young Living is dedicated to continuing Gary’s vision and dream through the gift of essential oils.”

The Seed to Seal Standards of Young Living Oils:

  • Sourcing
  • Science
  • Standards

“Young Living will never knowingly compromise by adding synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers, or by using unethical production practices. Young Living Chief Supply Officer Lauren Walker guides the process of sourcing products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers and testing them extensively. If our exhaustive tests show that a product doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t buy it, or we reject the batch.”

YL sources from the best quality farms in which the environment for specific flowers is authentic. For example, Ylang Ylang essential oil comes from the star-shaped flowers of the tropical Cananga odorata tree that is native to the lush, tropical rainforests of islands in the South Pacific and Asia. This tree can grow up to 40 feet tall and is from the Annonaceae family.

Quality starts at the farm and is proven in our labs. Through our stringent, unyielding quality benchmarks, we are able to identify the most pure, genuine, and effective ingredients. ”

They have an extremely vigorous testing system that they do in house first and then send it to 3rd party testing to ensure that there are no flaws in their work! Young Living works with more than a dozen of the world’s leading, independent, and accredited labs with highly skilled and trained scientists who specialize in advanced product testing. WOW!


“As part of our commitment to running our business ethically and legally, from sourcing and producing our essential oils, to marketing and selling our products, we have developed a global compliance program that outlines a series of mandatory policies and guidelines. The following list includes some of these policies and guidelines that are covered by the Global Compliance Program:

  • Young Living Anticorruption Policy
  • Young Living Environmental Compliance Policy
  • Lacey Act Compliance Program

There is no doubt that Young Living would put out an oil that isn’t of the best quality! They have been perfecting essential oils for 25 years and their standards are set very high!

Why are Young Living Oils so expensive?

This is a serious question that I asked myself when I was first introduced! There are a few YL oils that I will not be purchasing but feel confident that the other company has a quality I can also trust!

These oils are the REAL DEAL and not just thrown into bottles and claiming they are quality essential oils. They don’t contain fillers and are more concentrated than most. This concentration is why I am choosing them for my business! I can get quality essential oils that will last for a long time because I’m using less! The bottom line: THEY ARE MORE EXPENSIVE, UP FRONT, BUT WILL LAST LONGER, ACTUALLY MAKING THEM LESS EXPENSIVE!

“Inexpensive essential oils are often synthetic, adulterated, or unethically sourced, which is why we choose partners who produce pure essential oils and ingredients ethically and legally. This practice sets a top-tier standard for sustainability.”

What to look for should you not choose Young Living:

  1. If a company produces oils that are all the same price that is the first red flag that they are not quality essential oils! Each oil goes through its own distillation process and comes from different areas of the world, therefore making them a different price point!
  2. If the scientific name is not listed on the bottle it is not a quality oil and very well could be synthetic!
  3. If there are any other ingredients other than the plant itself it is not quality and does not work as medicinally as it should.
  4. In researching companies, if there is not education on their website, there is also no thought or dedication that goes into making sure their customers are satisfied!
  5. If you have questions, ASK THE COMPANY! If they don’t (or refuse to) answer they don’t care about you. A true wellness company will make sure that you have the education you need to make the right decision for you!

My final decisions in choosing Young Living:

  1. COMMUNITY: I have 2 people in my life that are extremely passionate about this company and healthy living! Neither have ever been “pushy” with it and both have offered any advice and experiences they have had so far. Their team (yes it is a MLM) have also been amazing and have gone above and beyond to educate, answer questions and offer support in any way (even before joining!)
  2. NO PRESSURE BUSINESS: I have joined multiple MLM companies in my past and vowed to never join another, however, YL is truly different! (Insert many eye rolls, including my husbands) If I want to sell the products, I can, If I don’t I still get wholesale pricing after purchasing my starter kit! It is really that simple! I plan on using them in my own products and “selling” them that way but in reality I could make money with YL directly as well. WHO KNOWS where it will lead, for now I need quality essential oils for my amazing small business!
  3. They have Essential Oils that are labeled for internal use! This is huge because they have been tested and proven safe to ingest instead of only topically or diffused! I have always struggled with the question: “Is it safe to ingest?” Now because of the trust I have with this company I know some are! NOT ALL ESSENTIAL OILS ARE!
  4. Young Living Vitality Essential Oils Received Non-GMO Project Verification! That right there is the final decision maker! TOO MANY products and companies don’t believe this is a problem and I congratulate YL for knowing this is important!
  5. DIFFUSERS: Although they seem ridiculously expensive, I have many people who say theirs have lasted over 5 years, some 10! I bought some on amazon for $25 and they lasted 1 year! So, again, the upfront cost is high but the longevity is incredible!


As I write this I am so excited to start using these amazing oils in my products as well as at home for myself and my family for mind and body wellness! I love their blends (DiGize for stomach, Raven for colds, Panaway for pain relief, Thieves for immunity building and Peace and Calming to name a few!) and to put those all together separately would cost a fortune! Stay tuned for my experiences with all of them! As always you can follow my journey through my Facebook page! as well as purchase my homemade products using these amazing oils! If you have questions or comments please reach out to me here! ***If you are ready to purchase your own Young Living Oils and join me on this quest to wellness CLICK HERE!

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