I talk a lot about toxic products that you can purchase in the store and how you should try and avoid them the best you can! One of the main reasons I started making my own products was so that I could have safe NON TOXIC products for myself and my family! As my passion grew, I started my mission to educate people about why most products bought in big box stores were more harmful than good even if the label tries to convince you otherwise! There are a lot of ingredients that you should avoid but my focus today is the word fragrance!

When companies are looking to cut costs they also cut quality but then try and make it seem like they care about you! If they are putting toxic ingredients into your products they don’t care about you at all! The biggest change that I’ve seen is when a company (usually organic or naturally based) uses essential oils as their fragrance. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE listed after the word….if there is nothing listed after then steer clear of it as it is harmful! It is also important to note that not all essential oils are pure and high quality. Read my Essential Oils Article to find out more.

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The term “fragrance” (aka “parfum”) can be used for any number of aromatic chemical concoctions. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 5,000 different fragrance chemicals —  in countless combinations — are used in products today. Manufacturers are not required to list their fragrance ingredients on product labels.  Often only one word, “fragrance”, is used on the label and can hide a cocktail of more than 100 toxic ingredients. This is because fragrances are considered to be “trade secrets”.

When you see “fragrance” on a personal care product’s label, read it as “hidden chemicals.”


  • According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), fragrance is the number one cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis and its prevalence is on the rise.
  • Studies have found many harmful chemicals hiding in fragrances, including: Synthetic musks that build up in our bodies and may enhance the impacts of other toxic chemicals, Phthalates linked to hormone disruption, which can affect development, reproduction, and child health. Volatile organic compounds that are classified as toxic or hazardous under U.S. federal laws and Neurotoxicants, which are chemicals that are toxic to the brain.
  • Fragrance chemicals, like other toxic chemicals, can pass from the skin and into the blood.
  • Fragrance causes allergies, asthma and respiratory distress(source)
  • Fragrance causes cancer. (source)

I totally understand wanting to smell good or get that feeling people get when smelling a certain scent but please keep in mind that it isn’t worth it in the long run! The power of a high quality essential oil that is sourced and grown to a high standard is what you want to start loving. Make new memories with non toxic scents and ditch everything in your house that lists FRAGRANCE on the label! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here or connect with me on my Facebook page. I also sell a variety of toxin free skincare that I make myself with natural ingredients that I am confident are good for your skin!

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