Let’s talk kayaking for a little bit!  I need to (try to) express my love of it to all of you!!!!  Talk about ZEN…. kayaking (and the ocean) is just that for me! Put me on a kayak in the open water with sunshine beating down and I am a happy girl!  Put my 5 year old in the inflatable kayak with me and my 10 year old in his own and that happiness increases intensely!  The fact that they love it as much as I do is an incredible feeling.

This summer we decided to try a different place every time we go!  We take exploration to the next level when we go!  The middle, the edges and if possible, islands that may be there waiting for us to delve into.  My mom introduced us to a very cool place where we get to explore a large body of water, climb and hike around islands, see turtles, ducks and geese, swim and PICK WILD BLUEBERRIES! It is incredible and we have yet to find another place that we like as much, but we keep trying, for sure!

Kayaking is such a release for us as all senseless fighting, attitudes and bad moods go away…. JUST LIKE THAT! I don’t believe you have the ability to be in a bad mood while kayaking.  My love for water helps with that.  I feel at peace when I can see the ocean, rivers, lakes and the absolute sereneness of a reservoir….it’s the reasoning behind some of the background pictures on this website!

Inflatable Kayaks:

Let’s talk convenience of myself taking 2 children out kayaking.  As you will probably realize from my pictures I’m a 5 foot 100 and something pound woman, so the thought of me launching 2 kayaks onto a truck and setting out on an adventure is quite funny…not saying it can’t be done but it wouldn’t be fun!  NOPE that doesn’t happen! We found (well it was my momma) inflatable kayaks that you can take with you wherever you go because they fit in the trunk of a car! It also makes adventures more exciting because we can just stop wherever we are if we see a body of water that allows kayaks! I will admit when my mom bought one I was very skeptical!  How was it going to hold us up, would it pop in the middle of the lake, how sturdy was it….. All of those fears have subsided and I highly recommend getting a few for your family!  The convenience of them is incredible not to mention the PRICE compared to regular kayaks! I got 2 kayaks (to start) for my family of 4 (I also have a blow up boat we use for now) for $130!!!  I couldn’t even buy 1 regular kayak for that price….and it would look kinda funny on my 4 door sedan! 🙂  BOTH of them used the hand/foot pump and blew them up and snapped together the paddles! SO EASY! 🙂

So if you decide to take my advice you will want this Intex inflatable kayak as it is what my review is based on and the cheapest option! I’m thinking of getting the 2 person one as well because my daughter is getting too big to sit on top!

Get your inflatable kayak here:


Inflatable kayak Inflatable kayakInflatable kayak

Inflatable kayak Inflatable kayak Inflatable kayakInflatable kayak

We have had amazing adventures with our inflatable kayaks and strongly recommend them to anyone looking for an easy way to get on water!  Please feel free to connect with me today if you have any questions or comments or leave a comment below to tell us your adventures in kayaking! Happy boating! 







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