Product Recommendations 


I have done  a lot of research and stand behind the following companies! If you have any question as to why I chose these please feel free to contact me to discuss.  This list will get bigger in the future as I test and try new products.  Thank you for trusting me with steps toward natural living! 

Mushroom Coffee is organic and delicious! NO it doesn't taste like mushrooms at all, which makes it amazing because you get AMAZING health benefits from it because of the mushrooms! They also have some pretty amazing supplements as well! 

I started my own skincare line and couldn't be more confident in the ingredients that I choose! All natural or organic with no hidden toxins.  I currently make Body & Lip Scrub, Body Butter, Face Cream, Eye Serum, Rose & Hibiscus Toner, Lip Balm, Deodorant, Oil Cleanser, Essential Oil Roller Bottles and adding new things all the time! I'm working on making everything available on Etsy so check out what I have so far and contact me with any special requests or questions.  

In all of my research on the best ingredients to use in my products and with my family I have discovered an amazing line of quality essential oils! They are pure and natural from all over the world, which is how oils from plants should, come as they are best grown in their natural habitat! You will not be disappointed!