Product Recommendations 


I have done  a lot of research and stand behind the following companies! If you have any question as to why I chose these please feel free to contact me to discuss.  This list will get bigger in the future as I test and try new products.  Thank you for trusting me with steps toward natural living! 

Mushroom Coffee is organic and delicious! NO it doesn't taste like mushrooms at all, which makes it amazing because you get AMAZING health benefits from it because of the mushrooms! They also have some pretty amazing supplements as well! 

Non Toxic Products for your household and your whole family!  This company is a small company based in RI and they really care about their customers!  They do a lot of research to make sure that the ingredients that are going into their products are of the purest.  

CBD Oil and other products from this company are high quality and pure!  The company puts a lot of work into these products to ensure they are giving their customers quality vs. quantity.  Education on their website is amazing! 

Miracle in a bottle!? What if 1 product could make you feel amazing in so many ways? Improved sleep with vivid dreams, weight loss, mental clarity, energy and so much more!