I have needed to start working out and eating better for a solid 2 months now and have made the excuse that, “I’ll do it as a New Year’s Resolution”. My best friend passed suddenly, like here and fine 1 minute and gone the next…just like that. The most tragically devastating thing I have experienced thus far in this 40 years on earth! The absolute hardest thing to grasp is that she had a heart attack at the age of 41! NOT FAIR, NOT REASONABLE! For the first few weeks I literally only ate what my husband forced me to eat and then gradually I got back to eating normally until…. I DIDN’T! I took on the “F#@K IT” attitude and started eating everything and anything that contained sugar because, well, I love sugar and who cares!? WRONG!

When someone you love dies of something like a heart attack, it should be a huge SLAP IN THE FACE to get as healthy as possible as quickly as possible! It was tragic and my way of dealing was to eat what I wanted to, my comfort foods! I owe her and myself as well as my family more than this shitty attitude that I can eat whatever I want and not care that I’m becoming unhealthy by the moment! HOW STUPID!

So…. as much as I didn’t want to be THAT person who’s New Year’s Resolution was to get healthy, here I am doing exactly that! I’m not talking only eating better and working out, I’m talking mind, heart and body! Here are the ways I am going to try and achieve this in the year to come. Tackling one thing at a time so that next year I’ll be healthy and won’t need this type of resolution. So that Heather can watch over me and be the angel that she was taken to be, and be proud of me!

New Year’s Resolution: Body Health

There are so many ways to get your body healthy! Eating right and exercising are the top 2 that I will be working on this year. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Starting Small may be the way to ease back in! Finding a plank challenge is the best way to go as it is a full body workout and requires very little time! The first few times it’s 20 seconds and then you keep bumping up the time each day!
  2. Starting with quick workouts is also another way to ease in! There are PLENTY of 15-20 minute daily workouts that focus on certain areas each day! Beachbody has a ton of great workouts but you can also find a ton on Pinterest as well.
  3. Buying a class pass at your local gym is a great way to ease into working out and being accountable! Who wants to waste money, right?
  4. Joining a Facebook Group for working out is a great motivator…if you let it be! There are a ton out there and if you can’t find one, START ONE!
  5. Cutting out the sweet treats is BY FAR the most important way to start! This is going to be HUGE for me! Focusing on eating fruit instead of treats will help curb your cravings…I’m hopeful!
  6. Switching to a salad for lunch a few times a week instead of the most delicious PB & J is a great start as well!
  7. Finding a great protein powder that is actually good for you! I can make a hearty smoothie in the morning and have it for my breakfast and mid morning snack! I like the one below A LOT!
  8. Last but not least is to GO GET A CHECK UP! Get a regular physical, mammogram, Pap test or anything else you should be doing based on your age! Don’t hesitate to go to the Doctor if something doesn’t feel right! Take the time and go, it could save your life!

New Year’s Resolution: Mind Health

The mind is an extremely powerful thing! It is extremely important to have it clear and thinking positively in order for everything else to work properly! Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  1. If this past year was mentally hard for you seek a therapist to get it all out and try to move on! In my experience it may take a few times to find someone that you are comfortable talking to. When you find them it can help you heal so much faster!
  2. Do something FOR YOU! It is important to keep yourself in mind and take that break every once in a while for you…. and only you! So many of us do for everyone else and forget to do for ourselves!
  3. Connect with people that have the same visions as you and want to be better people! Don’t fall upon those old friends who are stuck in their ways and can’t help you move forward. Life is FAR TOO SHORT to keep negativity in your mind and around your being!
  4. Take a class or start a hobby that makes you feel good! If you have always wanted to learn something, this is the year. If you have done something in the past and want to start up again…DO IT! There is nothing holding you back and your mind (and body) will thank you!
  5. Read a self improvement book! They can be amazing and help you think differently and more open minded! Here are a few of my favorites! I have read all but the last one, however, it is on my list to read!

New Year’s Resolution: Heart Health

Heart Health is important and coincides with your mind health! Heart health to me is 2 different things. It has a whole new meaning to me now that my 41 year old incredibly amazing friend passed away from having a heart attack! Get tests done! Listen to your body! BREATHE! Let anxiety go, don’t let it consume you! So much of what we let consume us could be exactly what kills us! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND MIND! Get help or checked out when they don’t feel right! Another heart healthy thing to do is BE KIND! The random act of kindness wave that is sweeping the nation needs to be ramped up by so many more people! Here are simple ways to be kind:

  1. Tell someone they have a nice smile!
  2. Smile and say Hello to strangers!
  3. Compliment a parent on how well behaved their kids are!
  4. Offer help or support to a parent having a tough time.
  5. Leave notes of kind words everywhere you go.
  6. Leave a note or generous tip to your servers!
  7. Pack a bag full of essentials and give it to a homeless person.
  8. Wheel your neighbors trash out.
  9. Praise a local business on social media!
  10. SMILE!!!!!

There are literally a million ways to show kindness, so try 1 a day and see how you feel! Something as simple as holding a door open for someone may put a smile on their face! RESTORE FAITH IN HUMANITY!

Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to get healthy or not, these are all great ways to be the best you possible! My friend who was tragically taken from us was one of the most amazing, thoughtful, caring, sweet woman and I had the honor of saying that she was a part of my chosen family! She will be missed and thought of regularly but I know she is here with me all the time! My angel watching over me and STILL helping me along the way! I love you and miss you Heather and this next year is all for you! 🙂

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