Cleaning your home with non toxic ingredients is, in my opinion, the way to go! Get rid of the nasty chemicals like bleach that can cause more damage to your body than it’ worth to get the germs away! There is no doubt that bleach kills harmful bacteria, however, other ingredients can create the same effect and not put toxins into your body! You do need to be careful, even with natural ingredients because when mixed together they, too, can be toxic!

Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar

These ingredient can be amazing for ridding your home of nasty germs and bacteria but NEVER mix them together! When combined in a container they create a corrosive acid that can be very harmful to your body!

The risk: Bodily damage and/or damage to household surfaces. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide create an acid when combined. Peracetic acid can irritate your skin, eyes, and respiratory system and can be corrosive to household surfaces.

To use them effectively spray hydrogen peroxide to a surface to sanitize, wipe it completely then spray vinegar. Vinegar works best when left of a surface for 20 minutes.

Baking Soda + Vinegar

I was definitely sad to learn that this combination isn’t effective, unless you are using it as a drain opener! It’s as ineffective as a water and salt combination and a waste of money when used together. Baking soda is basic while vinegar is acidic, their reaction produces water and sodium acetate.

To use them effectively use baking soda as a scrubbing agent, rinse with water and then spray vinegar to set on surface!

Castile Soap + Vinegar

Castile Soap and vinegar are versatile green ingredients with many uses, BUT combined in one cleaner they actually make your home dirtier, therefore wasting time and money! Castile soap is basic while vinegar is acidic. When you combine the two you get a reaction that breaks down or unsaponifies the Castile soap, tuning it back out to its original oils. The mixture looks like a white, curdled gunk. GROSS!

To use them effectively do not combine Castile soap with acids (including lemon juice and vinegar). Instead, use the soap first and use vinegar as a rinse agent in your washing machine, dishwasher, or cleaning rinse water.


All ingredients discussed here should be used separately! Sometimes quantity (of products) does not result in quality effective cleaning strategies! Vinegar used alone can smell a little rancid, so try adding a natural cleaning essential oil such as: tea tree, lemon or peppermint. I love answering questions about natural living so please connect with me if you have any! Have a great day and Happy New Year!

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