Hyaluronic Acid – Your Key To Flawless Skin!

Hyaluronic Acid may sound like something that you DO NOT want near your skin but in fact, it is very BENEFICIAL! Our bodies actually produce it, naturally, to maintain moisture levels in our skin! Thanks to pesky aging, UV damage and environmental aggressors, those levels tend to lessen dramatically! THIS IS WHY we should welcome it onto our skin! 

What is Hyaluronic Acid? 

Hyaluronic Acid helps retain over 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellent moisturizer!!! Scientific studies have shown that it helps improve skin hydration and production of collagen, fight free radicals, maintain skin elasticity, and even has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help with wound healing. 

The average human body contains about 15 grams of Hyaluronic Acid. However, one third of that gets degraded and synthesized on a daily basis. We also produce less and less as we age. We want more!! This is why many anti-aging products contain Hyaluronic Acid. Plastic surgeons often inject Hyaluronic Acid into sunken areas of skin to plump it up. You don’t need to get injections to reap its benefits. Just choose a serum or moisturizer that contains Hyaluronic Acid (also commonly listed as Sodium Hyaluronate) for softer, smoother, more hydrated skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Skin Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid: 

  1. Hydrates the Skin – HA is able to hold up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water! It penetrates the skin and binds skin cells to water, infusing all layers of the skin with valuable, rejuvenating moisture.  
  2. Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles – It has the ability to stimulate increased skin cell production which leads to smoother, plumper skin cells.
  3. Tightens Skin – As it fills the skin with moisture, it tightens and firms facial contours for a more youthful appearance.
  4. Pigmentation – As a result of increased cell turnover, HA also helps reduce and prevent age spots and pigmentation issues.
  5. Controls Acne – By promoting proper moisture balance in the skin, HA prevents the over-production of oil that clogs pores to cause breakouts. 
  6. Stimulates Skin Cell Regeneration – Hyaluronic Acid promotes skin cell regeneration which leads to healthier cells and a more vibrant complexion.
  7. Repairs Skin Tissue – Wound healing relies on HA for cells to proliferate and move into the wound to start the formation of new skin!

hyaluronic acid

Other Body Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid: 

  1. Lubricates Achy Joints – HA helps buffer bones and provides resistance to wear and tear.
  2. Helps Reduce Dry Eyes and Eye Discomfort – HA can help relieve chronic dry eyes by replenishing moisture within the eye socket, helping with tear production and restoring fluid balance. 
  3. Protects against Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Leaky Gut – Adding hyaluronic acid-rich foods and supplements in your diet, such as bone broth or protein powder made from bone broth, can help to encourage the gastrointestinal system’s natural healing process and potentially protect from leaky gut syndrome.
  4. Soothes Acid Reflux Symptoms – Hyaluronic acid may help soothe the damaged lining of the esophagus and speed up the recovery process.

hyaluronic acid

Final Thoughts on Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid has INCREDIBLE BENEFITS for your skin and whole body, so add it into your life today! It is extremely hydrating because of its capabilities of holding water!  You can get it in cream, serum or supplement form.  Here is my face cream and eye serum from my non toxic skincare line! If you want to try a DIY get this HA Powder from Amazon!  Questions, Comments, Concerns?  Contact me through Facebook or Email me today!  Have a great journey into this amazing whole body product! 

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