On a side note…. Dandelions make a powerful healing tea and balm when not sprayed with chemicals!

So, I’m sure you have heard but the weed killers on the market may be killing more than just weeds! I live a very natural lifestyle and try to be green as much as possible. One thing that I have never done is purchase round up and won’t be starting now. When I came across a homemade NATURAL weed killer I was skeptical but WOW this really works!

I HATE PULLING WEEDS! It’s truthfully the worst thing to waste my time on when I’m outside enjoying nature. I also hate the thought of spraying anything that is so toxic on my lawn where my kids and dogs are playing so pulling weeds vs. spraying chemicals ALWAYS WINS!

In this natural weed killer recipe I use Vinegar (which you know I love to use for a lot of cleaning in my home) and Epsom salt which are desiccants, meaning that they draw moisture from other items. I also use dish soap which breaks up the waxy surface on weeds and makes it easier for the vinegar and epsom salts to soak in.

When you combine these 3 ingredients, they make a powerful weed killer that draws moisture from the weed and causes it to die!

An important note: Although this is a miraculous discovery it is not magic! These ingredients DO NOT know the difference between a weed and a good plant, so please uses caution!

How to make natural weed killer:

1 gallon pump spayer or spray bottle if you have one handy!

1 gallon of vinegar (or reduce to fill bottle)

2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap (reduce if using bottle)

1.5 cups of Epsom Salt (reduce if using bottle)

Peppermint essential oil (Optional to ward off spiders and ants!)

  1. Take a before picture.
  2. Mix all 3 ingredients and wait for the epsom salt to dissolve
  3. Spray the mixture on the weeds in the morning after the morning dew has dried.
  4. Allow the combination of the afternoon sun and the natural ingredients to kill the weeds.
  5. Take an after picture.

Here is my before picture: Our walkway that we spend hours a month pulling weeds from! We literally just pulled them last weekend!

Only a few hours after weed killer and sun! I’m so excited to see what it looks like tomorrow! And now I’ll go crazy everywhere because I know it works! 🙂

I LOVE that all natural ingredients rescued me AGAIN! For my other natural ingredients please visit me on Facebook or on my Etsy store to purchase! This weed killer is easy to make so hopefully you get started safely killing your weeds today! YAY!

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