If you are a lover of all things natural and you are ready to make your own bug spray that is non toxic and effective read on! If you want to skip this article and order my own personal bug repellent order here!

So….. bugs and ticks HATE the smell of vinegar so I have chosen to add this as my base as well as witch hazel and water. Next, its time to add effective essential oils! Please remember when using essential oils in products the safest container to store them in is dark glass. You can also find hospital grade plastic containers that don’t allow the plastic to leach into your products, therefore, causing your product to be toxic!

Here are a list of essential oils that are natural bug and tick repellents. You have to find your own blend and what works for you because not everyone will like the smell of all of them.

For Ticks:

Lavender is an all-purpose insect repellent. In recent studies, lavender essential oil has performed well as both a tick deterrent and as a method of preventing tick eggs from hatching. Safe for cats, dogs and babies!

Lemongrass is considered a natural tick repellent. 

Rose Geranium and Geranium are both an extremely potent repellent for ticks. Safe for dogs!

Cedarwood is toxic to ticks! It is safe to use on people and pets. It kills ticks effectively and is a safe oil for people and dogs!

Eucalyptus is a great tick repellent but please use caution around pets!  Safe for babies.

For Insects:

Citronella is a common bug repellent and has several beneficial properties that make it an ideal essential oil to ward off mosquitoes and similar insects.

Peppermint is well-known for keeping mosquitoes at bay. The entire mint family is known for repelling insects! Safe for dogs!

Clary Sage is used to discourage mosquitoes from entering a room or space by simply placing it into a diffuser. It can also be added to bug spray as a natural repellent.

Sweet Basil is also effective at warding off mosquitos!

I encourage you to do your own research when using essential oils. Please remember to use high quality oils and not fragrance oils as they are not effective and can actually cause more harm than good. Also please be careful with essential oils around babies and animals. For ideas on how to choose essential oils please read my blog article.

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