I have heard for so long that a little elderberry syrup a day will help boost your immune system but I have failed so many times with it! I have tried store bought, local made and homemade but none of those were appealing to my family…so I gave up! I recently read an article about the benefits and then a friend told me that she had been taking elderberry capsules EVERY DAY for 6 years to help boost her immunity because she has Lyme disease! She hasn’t been sick once since taking them and her husband started taking them 2 years ago and also hasn’t been sick once! WOW if that isn’t reason enough, I’m not sure what is! I went right to Amazon and ordered the same ones! I’m making my husband take them along with me and also got some elderberry gummies for the kids. The links below are affiliate links which simply means you get the exact product I’m using and I make a small amount of money!

Benefits of Elderberry

It is said that elderberry may have been cultivated by prehistoric man! There are also recipes for elderberry-based medications dating back to Ancient Egypt. Most historians typically trace its healing abilities back to Hippocrates, the ancient Greek known as the “father of medicine,” who described the plant as his “medicine chest” because of the wide array of health concerns it seemed to cure.

1. Major Cold and Flu Relief

Elderberries are an excellent general immune system booster. The berries contain chemical compounds called anthocyanidins, which are known to have immunostimulant effects. 

2. Sinus Infection Aid

With elderberry’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it makes sense that it can help sinus issues. A sinus infection is a condition in which the cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed, therefore making elderberry a wise option in healing!

3. Lower Blood Sugar

Elderflower as well as the berry have traditionally been used to treat diabetes. Research has confirmed that extracts of elderflower stimulate glucose metabolism and the secretion of insulin, lowering blood sugar levels.

4. Natural Diuretic

Elder has been shown to promote both urination and bowel moments. Studies have indicated that elderberry or Sambucus has natural diuretic effects. (10

5. Encourage Healthy Skin

Elderberry has made its way into cosmetic products, and for good reason. Its bioflavonoids and antioxidants, along with its high vitamin A content, make it awesome for skin health. Researchers suspect that a compound found in the elderberry could give a natural boost to skin. (12) This is something that I am VERY EXCITED to learn and will be figuring out how to add it to my very own skincare products that I make!

9. May Improve Heart Health

THIS IS MUSIC TO MY EARS! Heart health is extremely important to me as I lost my best friend to an unexpected heart attack at the young age of 41! Anything that I can do to help improve my heart health, I am doing and encouraging everyone around me to do as well!
This may be due to the presence of anthocyanins, which are polyphenols found in elderberry that have demonstrated antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. (16)

It is also said to reduce Blood Pressure! Researchers suggest that using polyphenols, like those found in elderberry, to lower blood pressure may also help to reduce the side effects of antihypertensive agents and improve patient quality of life. (17)

7. Ease Allergies

The flowers of the elder plant are known to be an effective herbal allergy remedy. Since allergies involve an overreaction of the immune system as well as inflammation, elderberry’s ability to improve the immune system and calm inflammation can help provide allergy relief.

How to consume Elderberry

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  • Tea – Mix with honey to take away the bitterness!
  • Wine – Hard to find but OH SO FUN!
  • Juice – Easy to mix with other juices or in smoothies!
  • Syrup – There are a million recipes on Pinterest as well!
  • Lozenges – Easy on the go treatments!
  • Pills – If you don’t like the taste this is the best way to go!
  • Gummies – Don’t forget the kids!
  • Liquid – Mix it into anything, including skincare!
  • Powder – Great for smoothies!

There are so many ways to get this amazing plant into your system! I can’t wait to see it do it’s magic for my families immune system! I’m also ecstatic to try it in my skincare formulas! Be on the lookout for that on my Facebook page! If you have an elderberry syrup recipe you absolutely love please share it in the comments section!

Here’s to a HAPPY & HEALTHY new year to you!

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