Who is Michelle Tricomi? 

I'm a mom to 2 amazingly funny, creative and super cute children and a wife to an incredibly funny, sweet and amazing man and father!  I am extremely passionate about natural living and try to reduce toxins as much as possible in our lives because I believe our future depends on it and deserves it!  

I have spent countless hours reading (and writing) about toxins and what they can do to your body and the environment.  I have researched and implemented natural living techniques into our daily life without hesitation!

I have signed on to be a direct sales representative to multiple businesses because they did their research on their own products and I'm proud to use and educate about them!  I'm ready to share my expertise, knowledge, toxic free products and way of life with everyone who is willing to listen....and a few that aren't! 😉

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! 

Have you ever looked at food or product labels and wondered why the ingredients list was so long?  Ever wonder why something that has a vanilla flavor doesn't actually have real vanilla in it? Did you know that the amount of parabens they put in products is outrageous and can cause a vast amount of illnesses? 

These questions were in my head for the first time (definitely not the last) when I became pregnant with my precious baby! I wanted to do everything right and make sure that something that I was doing wasn't hurting him.... but how?  RESEARCH! Chiropractors, Holistic Doctors, the good old internet.... just educating myself anyway that I could on ingredients!

I would love it if you would allow me to educate you on all of the amazing things I have learned to help you and your family live a toxic free & holistic lifestyle you deserve!