DepartmentWho are the people behind a small business? 

Most small business owners are moms and dads who are trying to live their dream. They do what they can for their family!  It doesn’t mean we sit around watching soap operas all day and hope people buy what we are offering!  It means that we are busting our butts to grow our business and give back to our communities!  I am on the computer or my phone most of the day  researching how to make it work, the latest trends, the best products to offer and how to get them or make them! We blog, take over social media, research different selling platforms….ALL THE TIME! Our products may be a little pricier than those in the stores but we have our heart into EVERYTHING we do and we try our best to offer the best prices that we can while still running a business.  When you see the words SHOP LOCAL it means purchase items from people who want to please you and who usually go to great lengths in doing so!  A department store gets mass produced products that have no heart behind them.  Department store prices can be cheaper but what is the quality, the thought that went into it and the ingredients used? 

In my business I am constantly researching  what people want to learn about, what the best healing stones are for your specific ailment and what ingredients to use to keep your home safe for everyone! I put passion and caring into everything I do and I don’t ask that you purchase everything from me.  I do ask that you do your research to find quality products and if they are a tad bit less expensive give mine a shot! I’m not amazon but my production and shipping times are comparable, because I am in this business to SATISFY my customers. 

shop local

 7 Reasons to shop local or handmade

  1. Support your Community. Many times smaller handmade companies team up to create personalized products FOR YOU! 
  2. Quality over Quantity.  We are working on a made to order basis to give you the best quality! 
  3. Support a Passion. We don’t create things that we hate.  We are passionate about them and get to share that passion when you shop local! 
  4. Support Green Living. A small business is usually in our homes and not in manufacturing plants that cause pollution!  
  5. Handmade Products can meet your needs better. A lot of handmade items are personalized for each customer! 
  6. Simple to purchase and usually pick up quick. We are passionate about customer service and do our best to offer easy and quick pickup! 
  7. Handmade Products are Unique. Department stores have similar items but when you are making them with your hands they are unique!  

Shop Local

I am constantly asking my customers what they want to see and if it is something that I can do I begin researching how to immediately! I make different kinds of healing stone jewelry, skincare products and blog about what people are interested in! Most of my items are on an Etsy Store and the support of my community is incredible! If you ever want a specific topic covered, ASK ME! If you want to see a certain product, ASK ME! I am here to help you become as passionate as me! Please visit my Facebook page to keep current with all of my products.  Thank you so much for shopping handmade and shop local when you can! 

My Chocolate Peppermint line consists of Body Butter, Body Scrub, Lip Scrub(EDIBLE), Vegan Lip Balm and Beeswax Candle with cotton wick!  I have many other non toxic skincare products as well as healing stone bracelets that can be customized exactly the way you want! Contact me today! 

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